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What is the difference between Group Coaching, Individual Coaching and Mastermind Groups?

Group Coaching

In Group Coaching, there is a group leader, offering the help and support. There are typically single topics at each session either decided in advance or at the start of each session. We cover a particular situation or topic and ask the group to share their thoughts and experiences. From there we have a group discussion and devise a solution or success plan.

Individual Coaching

Individual Coaching is the same as Group Coaching but is offered on a one-on-one basis with the client and the coach.

Mastermind Group

In Mastermind Groups the members of the group are offering each other help and support. A facilitator manages the meetings and may also offer their own thoughts, opinions, help, support, and guidance in addition to the other group members. Typically, only 1 or -2 members each meeting have the opportunity to bring a question/situation to the group. From there we have a group discussion and devise a solution or success plan. Everyone will have the same number of opportunities to present a question/situation in front of the group.

Platinum Training Technologies offer all three options and groups are typically limited to 5 people maximum.


Depending on the plan you commit to, sessions are typically 90 minutes in length either weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

Benefits of Coaching & Mastermind




Get "Unstuck"


Identify & Streamline Vision & Goals


Increase Speed of Business Execution


Define & Create Unique Culture


Increase Sales & Profits by Creating Laser Focus

If you are interested in coaching, starting a new group or joining an existing group (waiting list may apply), please click on the link below for more information.


All group participants will receive VIP access at all PlatinumCon events!

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