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Who Else Wants to Feel More Engaged at Work?

Employee engagement has been a buzzword and major topic of discussion in business since COVID.

A recent Gallup survey shows that 80% of employees are either dis-engaged or actively dis-engaged. This means that they are just showing up and doing enough to keep their jobs OR they are actively (sometimes knowingly) sabotaging the business! 

If you are an employee, you spend about one-third of your life at the office. That’s almost 90,000 hours. Feeling committed and connected to your job is important for your health and happiness.

Make your work a source of satisfaction instead of letting it drain you. Here’s how: 

Making Your Current Job More Engaging:

  1. Think positive. Most jobs have their pros and cons. Shift your attention to the things you like, so you’ll have something to look forward to each day.

  2. Leverage your strengths. Restructure familiar tasks to take advantage of your talents and interests. Branch out by joining the recycling committee or participating in community projects sponsored by your employer.

  3. Help others. Developing supportive relationships will make any job more pleasant and may advance your career. Volunteer your assistance when a colleague has a tight deadline or offer to train a new hire

  4. Express gratitude. Being thankful boosts your mood and strengthens your social ties. Be grateful your employer provides safe conditions or modern technology. Let your coworkers know you appreciate their efforts.

  5. Show compassion. Resolve workplace conflicts by putting yourself in someone else’s shoes. You might feel less irritated if you remember that others are busy or nervous about their job security.

  6. Continue learning. Create challenges for yourself. Read magazines and attend conferences about your industry. Go back to school or take certification courses online. Teach what you know and practice new skills.

  7. Have fun. What can you do to make your work more enjoyable? Design your own games where you compete to beat your past performance or bet on the outcomes of your projects.

  8. Nurture yourself. It’s even more important to practice self-care when you’re struggling at work. Eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly. Create rituals that help you to leave the office behind when you return home from work.

Empower yourself by taking steps to increase your engagement at work. You’ll feel more energized and appreciated, and you’ll probably achieve more.

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