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All Sales Training Is Not The Same!


Have you looked for a sales training program for your team? Let’s be honest, there are a lot of good books and programs on training. Really, too many choices to make a well informed decision.

Everyone has their niche or angle. Here are some of the sales training types you can find on a basic Amazon search:


  • Question Based Selling

  • Value Based Selling

  • Team Selling

  • Prospecting Selling

  • Consultive Selling

  • Needs Analysis Selling

  • Reverse Selling

  • Predictive Selling

  • Selling 101

  • Intelligent Selling

  • The Book of Selling

  • Ultimate Selling


And on and on…. You get the picture!

The 2 Truths of Selling


The 2 Truths of Selling


#1 – People Have A Tendency To Buy From People Who Have A Similar Personality Style


#2  - Sales Professionals Who Are Aware of Their Own Personality Style AND Have Mastered the Skill  of Modifying It, WILL Sell More!

There are many books, courses and programs on the market. All, for the most part, assume that buyers have the same thought process, or way they buy. Buyers are lumped into a one size fits all category and sales professionals try to sell based on one style or philosophy.

The reality is that everyone is different and you need to adapt your style and personality to the buyer.

So what is your personality style, how do you identify another person's personality style and how do you adapt your own to their style?

Glad you asked  - keep reading!



Reading People With A Proven Method


If you are an avid poker player, you know that  the ability to read changes in people's behavior at the poker table is called a "poker tell".

What would it look like if you sharpened that skill and had the ability to adjust your behavior based on other people's behavior? Would you win big at the poker table? Would it be worth your time and money to learn that skill, not only at the poker table, but in a sales situation? Or maybe in all your relationships?

If you answered yes, we have great news: We can teach you that skill in our DISC Behavioral Based Selling training program!

Why Utilize DISC Behavioral Based Selling?


1. It Makes Selling Easy!

2. Can Help You Close More Business By Understanding Customers!

3. Your Understanding of the Customer Will Differentiate You from the Competition!

Why Do Sellers Sell?  Why Do Buyers Buy?


1. Each Person Has Their Own Distinctive Behavioral Style

2. The DISC Behavior Based Selling Method Allows You To Discover

     a.  How People Communicate

     b.  How People Process Information

     c.  Why/How People Make Decisions

     d.  How People Deal With Anger/Frustration


Understanding Your Personality Style will allow you to effectively adapt your natural tendencies into order to meet the needs of the customer. As a result, you will feel more comfortable selling in your natural style.

People Are Different BUT Predictably Different!

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